NeuroLove was created to support young people (like you) who are between 8 – 25 years old, to stay emotionally and physically well.

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Who are we?

What is Neurolove?

We’re an organisation made up of therapists, creatives and techies who use social therapy techniques to help young people with their mental health

Is it really free?

All of our services are free for young people to use!

Who runs NeuroLove?

Neuro Love is run by an organisation called Chanua Ltd. Chanua are based in Liverpool, UK and run a range of projects mainly related to health, mental health and wellbeing. Chanua also hosts Neuro Champions which is a project that supports young people to learn about their brains and mental health through games and play and we work with schools, local authorities and the National Health Service (NHS). Passionate about creating services that could be accessible for people, both Chanua and Neuro Champions were founded by Naomi Mwasambili and Megan Charles, who have many years experience working in psychology and mental health projects and they have a team of qualified people who work with them in various roles on the Neuro Love website. You can see more about Chanua: or Neuro Champions:

What is Social Therapy?

Our Social Therapists offer mentoring (a type of supportive relationship). They provide encouragement and inspiration to help young people improve and maintain their emotional and physical wellbeing. The 30-minute sessions are free for young people to book and offer a space to talk and share their thoughts and experiences with someone who will listen and offer support where necessary.

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From dance class to digital creativity, you’ll find a range of things that will help you gain new skills and feel more confident.

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Something to try!

Feeling stressed? Listen to this relaxation exercise to help you focus.

Take time for some self-care

Looking to spend some time to relax? Take some time to relax and catch-up with our former events. From art groups to a yoga class, we have something for everyone.

Inc Arts Collaboration

Inc Arts Collaboration

We are collaborating with Inc Arts UK for their initiative Inc Arts Minds. Inc Arts are a not for profit company whose...

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