CogSci 2020 Virtual Conference


The Cognitive Science Society have invited Naomi to present during a group during their CogSci 2020 virtual conference. This group, named Jewel in your open light involves a 75-minute session hosted as a virtual community of practice bringing together amazing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) cognitive science, neuroscience, health and BIPOC arts and culture platforms together. During this group, attendees can create possibilities for collective imagining from community and youth leader perspectives. They’ll hear three challenges framed as stories, bringing their whole selves, collective knowledge and lived experiences to reimagine the world around them and their relationship to it.

Joining Naomi to present in this group are:

  • Eliana Colunga, Colarado/Sparks Society
  • Anita Shervington and Kiki, Makeda and Damia, BLAST Fest
  • Sade Abiodun, Princeton/BlackInNeuro
  • Tony Valenzuela, Black Box TV
  • Erinma Ochu, Engaging Environments