Who runs NeuroLove?

Neuro Love is run by an organisation called Chanua Ltd. Chanua are based in Liverpool, UK and run a range of projects mainly related to health, mental health and wellbeing. Chanua also hosts Neuro Champions which is a project that supports young people to learn about their brains and mental health through games and play and we work with schools, local authorities and the National Health Service (NHS). Passionate about creating services that could be accessible for people, both Chanua and Neuro Champions were founded by Naomi Mwasambili and Megan Charles, who have many years experience working in psychology and mental health projects and they have a team of qualified people who work with them in various roles on the Neuro Love website. You can see more about Chanua: www.chanua.co.uk or Neuro Champions: www.neurochampions.com

Where does my data go?

When using the Neuro Love platform to look for resources and activities we don’t ask for any information about you. Some things called cookies are used However, if you decide to book onto any of the Neuro Love group activities or Mentor, Coaching and Therapy sessions we will ask you for some basic information about yourself. The information we collect from you and others that book sessions, helps us to know how many people want sessions, their age, the area where they live, if they have a Social Worker or are linked to Social Services, their gender, their ethnicity and email or telephone contact details.

To view more information about your data, this can all be found in our Privacy Policy.

How do I book an event?

To book an event go to the Events page. Scroll down and choose the event you would like to book by clicking on it. The dates available will then show on the menu. You then choose a time and enter your details. Press ‘book now’ and then you have made the booking. You should receive a confirmation email.

To view more information about your data, this can all be found in our Privacy Policy.

I need some more support, where can I go?

We know at times is can be hard and we do not know where to turn. But remember there are many people out there to help and support you. If you are finding you may need some extra support you can find information below about services that are available. If you get stuck chat to one of our social therapists who will signpost you to the right place.
View a list of organisations to help at our Self-Help page.

What is Social Therapy?

Our Social Therapists offer mentoring (a type of supportive relationship). They provide encouragement and inspiration to help young people improve and maintain their emotional and physical wellbeing. The 30-minute sessions are free for young people to book and offer a space to talk and share their thoughts and experiences with someone who will listen and offer support where necessary.

What qualifications do the Social Therapists have?

Our Social Therapists have a broad range of experiences working with children and young people in mental health, social and youth work and educational settings. Before they start running mentor sessions, Social Therapists undergo our training, which includes Mental Health Awareness, Diversity, Race & Cultural Competency, and Safeguarding to ensure the team are confident and competent to work with the young people. We also offer additional training to increase Social Therapists’ development within the role and to help them address any needs the young people may have.

Our Social Therapists receive regular supervision from qualified Psychological Therapists who support them to identify if young people are in need of more intensive Psychological support.

How do I refer a young person to the service?

We ask for some information about the young person when sessions are booked. This information helps us to ensure that we know how best to support the young person. We ask the young people whether they would prefer to have their session via our chat messenger, telephone call or video call.

There are 3 ways that you can make a referral for a young person to have a session with our Social Therapists:

  1. Ask the young person to book a session directly using our booking page. They’ll be able to select a date and time that suits them.
  2. Discuss with the young person a time that they would like to have a session and book the session on their behalf, using our booking page. Please make sure that you get consent from the young person to book this session for them.
  3. Give our team a call on 0151 547 7703 and speak to any of the NeuroLove team members, who will be able to complete the booking for you and the young person. As before, please make sure that the young person has given their consent for you to speak to us on their behalf.

Referrals cannot be made directly to our Psychological Therapists. Referrals are made to Psychological Therapists via our Social Therapists following discussions with our Clinical Supervisors who meet regularly with the Social Therapists.

Does the information get shared with the young persons’ GP?

If a young person is referred by our Social Therapists to Psychological Therapy, we will get in touch with their GP to let them know that the young person is receiving a Psychological intervention. We let the GP know how many sessions are offered and the start date. This is the only information we share, unless we feel the young person is in need of more sustained longer term therapy.

Is it really free?

All of our services are free for young people to use!

What happens after I make a referral?

After a young person has been referred and booked a session (or had a session booked on their behalf), they will receive an email confirming the session date and time and a link for the video session (if they have chosen to have the session via video).

Young people can choose to book as many Social Therapy sessions as they wish. If in Clinical Supervision, the Social Therapist thinks that the young person would benefit from Psychological Therapy, they can refer to our Psychological Therapists (who offer short term therapeutic interventions – around 8 sessions).

What Safeguards do you have in place?

Everyone in the NeuroLove team who work directly with young people have been trained and are aware of our Safeguarding Policy and procedures. We acknowledge and take very seriously our duty of care to the children and young people that use our service and ensure that young people are aware of our responsibilities to protect them and others should they share anything that puts them or others at risk.

How is this service paid for?

NeuroLove was set up to support young people between 8 – 25 years old (especially those with experiences of living in Care) to maintain their emotional and physical wellbeing. We initially received funding for the platform from Liverpool City Council’s Virtual School but were able to secure more funding for the project from NHSX TechForce19, which has helped us to ensure we can provide the service Nationwide, free of charge.

How will I know what happens in the sessions?

Unless the young person shares with you what they discussed in the session, chances are you won’t know what they say to our Social Therapists. We respect the privacy of the young people that we work with, but if they disclose anything that puts themselves or others at risk, we are always clear from the outset, that we have a duty of care, so will share this information with the appropriate agencies.

I have a question which has not been answered

If you have an question which has not been answered, please contact us using the form on our Contact Us page