Games for Change Virtual Festival


Naomi recently joined a roundtable which delved into how the games and XR industries are approaching themes of stress management and burn-out — whether in the context of building resilience or exploring these contemporary motifs through the lens of narrative and gameplay. What are the challenges and opportunities? How are games and XR making a positive impact in people‚Äôs lives? What cautionary tales must be taken into account as more interventions occur remotely in digital or spatial computing contexts?

Alongside Naomi on the panel were Dr Walter Greenleaf and Matthew Seiji Burns.

Walter Greenleaf is a neuroscientist and medical technology developer working at Stanford University. With over three decades of research and development experience, Walter is considered a leading authority in digital medicine and medical virtual reality technology.

Matthew Seiji Burns is a writer, composer, and game developer. Most recently he created Eliza, a visual novel about an AI-assisted.