Inc Arts Collaboration


We are collaborating with Inc Arts UK for their initiative Inc Arts Minds.

Inc Arts are a not for profit company whose mission is to diversify the workforce of the creative and cultural sector. They work across advocacy, talent development and business development. Their business focus is on the ‘teams behind the scenes’: those who work in roles off-stage, supporting the creative talent. We work across performing arts (music, dance, theatre), visual arts and heritage (museums and archives).

Inc Arts Minds is an initiative by Inc Arts to provide free emotional wellbeing support for ethnically diverse people working in the creative industries who bear the burden of others’ racism, whether you’re a performer, musician, stage manager, creative, producer or someone working in other capacities in the arts, museums and libraries in the UK.

We will be providing free group therapy/healing spaces and peer support groups for people across the sector – safe spaces for people who have experienced racism to share their experiences and heal. Read more about this collaboration using the button below.