Take a social media break


Social media is something most young people will interactive everyday through their phones or computers. Sometimes it can be good to take a good break from social media, here are some tips to help you take a social media break:

  • Reconnect with the world outside of your phone. Instead of seeing people through a small screen, arrange to meet with them in person. You can form much more meaningful and lasting connections by meeting in person compared to sending a few emojis.
  • Use your free time creatively. There is a whole world outside of your phone, and whilst it may be difficult to travel to Australia from England, there will surely be local attractions near to you, this could be a park or a museum. You can use your time to do invigorate your mind, by reading a book or completing a puzzle.
  • There are many health advantages to taking a social media break. You can stroll through an Instagram feed and see people living their lives and this can set a standard for yourself to meet, and when you aren’t meeting them, it can cause anxiety and depression. By taking a break you can reduce these concerns and you can also improve you sleep. It is recommended to sleep with your phone off or on silent so you are not awoken during the night.
  • Have more control of your privacy. Many people are putting their entire lives on their social medias, and the companies are asking for a lot of information. This can include your email address and your phone number. It this gets into the wrong hands, your information can be used against you, possible in identity theft. Ensure you aren’t posting information which can lead directly to your person, and check your settings to make sure your accounts are private and only those who follow you can see your account.

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