What happens if you don’t sleep or sleep too much?


Unsurprisingly, you will become tired if you don’t sleep or sleep too much!

However, you may experience other problems like:

  1. You may become unwell
    • your immune system is weakened, and you might find it more difficult to fight off bugs.
  2. Your skin may suffer:
    • You may develop uneven skin colour and may be more likely to develop spots.
  3. More at risk of developing health conditions:
    • Sleeping for too little and for too long can affect your heart health, your risk of cancer increases, you may gain weight and your risk of diabetes increases.
  4. Your mental wellbeing may suffer:
    • You may feel irritable and eventually start to feel down and/or anxious.
  5. You’re more accident prone
    • When you’re tired, you experience reduced alertness and concentration which can cause you to be clumsier!
  6. You can’t think properly
    • You might find it difficult to remember things, make decisions and solve problems.

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