Write a gratitude journal


Life can be filled with many negatives, but instead you should try and focus on the positives so try writing them down to remind yourself of all the good things in your life. Here are some tips to make sure a gratitude journal is effective for you:

  • Elaborate what you are grateful for. This will carry more weight as you are digging into what you are grateful for and allows you to release the positive emotions along with it.
  • Make it personal. You will find it more beneficial if you are to focus on people you are grateful for instead of things.
  • Try reflecting on what your life would be like without what you are grateful for, this will make you more grateful for having them be in your life.
  • Do not overdo your list. Only add to your list once, twice a week most. Research has shown that those who write in their diary only once a week are a lot happier than those who wrote three times a week.

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